Number and weight of items of hand luggage

In First and Business Class you may take two pieces of hand luggage and their contents on board with you. Economy Class passengers are only permitted one piece of hand luggage. Please check for possible country-specific variations to this general rule.

A piece of hand luggage may not be larger than 55 cm x 40 cm x 23 cm and may not weigh more than 8 kg. Foldable garment bags are an exception to this; they count as hand luggage up to a size of 57 cm x 54 cm x 15 cm.

Items of hand luggage which exceed these limits will be carried free of charge in the cargo hold within your permitted free baggage allowance, as storage space on board is limited.This is in the interests of your own and other passengers' safety and comfort. Please ensure that you remove any medicines and any valuables such as your laptop, mobile phone, PDA, documents, identity papers, jewellery, etc, from your hand luggage if it has to be carried in the cargo hold.

Please note that certain items that you may take with you into the cabin in your hand luggage, cannot remain in your hand luggage if this is transported in the hold. This rule concerns the following items: fuel cell systems and spare fuel cartridges; portable oxygen concentrators; safety matches and lighters; spare lithium metal or spare lithium ion batteries

Please always stow heavy hand luggage under the seat in front of you.


Differing rules

In certain cases we may ask our First and Business Class passengers to check in their second piece of hand baggage:

  • Flights with small aircraft, mainly on regional routes (Lufthansa Regional Partner)
  • In countries with restrictive government regulations (such as Italy and the USA)

Due to the limited space on board we give you the opportunity on almost all Lufthansa Regional flights to keep your cabin baggage until boarding. You hand it over directly before entering the aircraft. When disembarking you will receive your cabin baggage directly at the aircraft. For that purpose, baggage carts are positioned next to the aircraft stairs.

On flights operated by one of our cooperation partners the rules of the respective partner apply.


Regulations for hand luggage

Only limited amounts of liquids may be taken on board flights that depart from EU countries and on connecting flights from Europe. This includes all German domestic flights. Please note that more and more countries are following these regulations for hand baggage.

Liquid and gel-based products such as healthcare products and cosmetics may be carried in hand luggage as long as they comply with the following regulations:

  • Containers with liquids and similar products may contain up to 100 millilitres (the printed maximum quantity applies)
  • All containers must be carried in a transparent resealable plastic bag (e.g. a so-called "zip-lock") with a maximum capacity of one litre
  • One bag per person
  • The bag must be presented separately at the security check

Medication and special food requirements (e.g. baby food) which are needed during a flight may be transported outside the plastic zip-lock bag.

Articles and plastic bags that do not comply with the regulations may not be taken on board. Similar regulations apply in an increasing number of countries worldwide, such as the USA, Japan and Korea.


Since 31 January 2014 a new technology for checking liquids, sprays and gels in hand luggage has been in use at all European airports. This implements an EU-wide regulation which, for the moment, does not require passengers to do anything differently. What’s new is that passengers may now also carry liquid duty-free goods, which have been bought at an international airport or on board an aircraft outside the EU, while changing flights at an EU airport. In order to do this, the goods purchased must be carried in a sealed duty-free bag (conforming to international standards), with the sales receipt visible inside the bag. The item will be sealed at the point of sale. Other current regulations regarding the carrying of liquids in hand luggage remain in force and unchanged.

Before your flight, therefore, please check the website of your departure airport to find out which hand luggage regulations are in force there.

Specific regulations may also apply to carrying liquid or gel Duty Free items in hand baggage, depending on your destination. Please enquire about these at the local point of sale.

Lufthansa exerts no influence on these legal stipulations and asks passengers to bear them in mind already when preparing for a trip and to reduce hand luggage to the bare minimum.

You are therefore advised to check the website of the relevant departure airport before your flight to find out which regulations apply.

Here you will find the special regulations for hand luggage summarised for downloading. (PDF)


New safety measures for hand luggage as video Stream

A summary of the new safety regulations for hand luggage as video Stream.

Have a look at the summary here (7 MB)

We apologise for any inconvenience which our passengers may experience as a result of these official restrictions. We recommend that passengers restrict hand luggage to the absolute necessities and arrive at the airport in good time.


Technical appliances in carry-on baggage

If you would like to take for example an MP-3 player, a portable CD player, a laptop or mobile phone with you in your hand baggage the security laws of the respective place of departure apply.

Certain electronic devices may not be used during the flight because they may interfere with the electronic aviation systems. Our flight attendants will be happy to inform you which appliances can be used without restrictions inside the aircraft.

Mobile telephones have to be completely turned off from the time the aircraft leaves the park position to when it reaches it's final park position at the destination airport.


Additional items which are allowed in the cabin

In addition to your hand baggage and technical appliances you may take the following items into the cabin:

  • One personal piece of hand luggage such as, for example, a woman’s handbag, a laptop case or shoulder bag with a maximum size of 30 cm x 40 cm x 10 cm.
  • For every young child travelling with you, a carrycot, a child’s car seat or a foldable pushchair or baby buggy. If necessary these items will be transported in the cargo hold if there is insufficient storage space in the cabin.
  • A pair of crutches or other orthopaedic aIDs on which you are dependent.

These items you may not take into the cabin

It is not allowed to carry items in your hand baggage that can cause injuries:

  • Fake weapons and items that may be used as weapons which can discharge a projectile
  • False weapons
  • Pointed and sharp items (e.g. scissors, pocket knives)
  • Blunt items (e.g. baseball bat)
  • All other dangerous items
  • Information from the German Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Affairs about items prohibited on board can be found here

Security checks of your carry-on baggage

Your hand baggage will go through a security check before boarding. Should x-ray be used this will not have any influence on your film material (up to 1,000 ASA/31 DIN).

We hope you understand that Lufthansa is not liable for items that you might have to leave behind at the security check.

Please refuse to take along items with unknown content (envelopes, parcels etc.) as a favour for strangers. If you are approached in this respect notify the police, customs or our local staff immediately.


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