Discover German Christmas markets!

Delicious food, mulled wine and unique handcrafted holiday gifts – German Christmas markets offer something for everyone on your shopping list.

While the first snowflakes start to fall, Christmas markets push away the wintery darkness of the cities with their glowing lights, the spiced smell of hot wine and the merry sound of Christmas jingles.
Try German Christmas specialties like Nuremburg gingerbread and Dresdner stolen, wrap yourself in a hand-knitted woolen scarf and take the opportunity to buy unique handcrafted Christmas gifts for your loved ones at home.

Last chance: Book your trip to Germany now and explore the magic of its local Christmas markets.

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Christmas markets

Christmas markets in Germany: a delight for all the senses

There are more than 150 of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Germany to choose from.
For more information visit the German National Tourist Office website.

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