Change of climate

When you travel to much warmer regions you should note that your body needs a certain time to adjust to the changed climate. A rapid change in temperature, especially from cold to hot, puts a heavy strain on the blood circulation.

Tips to cope with a change of climate

Before the journey

  • By frequent visits to a sauna before your journey you can train your body to adjust to the coming temperature change
  • Hot-and-cold showers also strengthen your cardiovascular system
  • Sunbathing in a solarium can prepare your skin for greater exposure to real and intensive sunrays but it does not influence your bio-rhythm

During the flight

Not only during longer flights you should do something for your sense of well-being on board. We have put together some tips for you.

Tips for your sense of well-being during your flight

After arrival

  • If possible, wear clothing that suits the local climate when you leave the aircraft. Also think of headgear, especially on journeys to southern countries
  • Travelers who are greatly overweight and patients with heart or lung ailments should avoid strenuous physical activity during the first few days after their flight
  • Depending on the humidity of your destination country, you should drink a lot of liquid to help your body's thermal adjustment. The golden rule is: the dryer the air, the more you should drink
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