Check in with your mobile and save time

Using your internet-enabled mobile phone you can check in as early as 23 hours before departure, reserve your seat and receive your Mobile Boarding Pass. You therefore enjoy even greater flexibility - and save time for the really important things.


How to check in with your mobile phone

  • 1.Enter into the web browser of your mobile phone.
  • 2.Click on Check-in.
  • 3.For identification enter your card number under which the booking is made and name, your ticketnumber or your booking code, first name and last name
  • 4.Choose your seat using the interactive seat map.

Please be aware of the published Check-in deadlines, by which you must be in possession of your boarding pass and have checked in your baggage. These deadlines vary from airport to airport.


How to get your Mobile Boarding Pass

After the confirmation message “You are checked in”, the innovative Mobile Boarding Pass will be sent directly to your internet-enabled mobile phone by e-mail or SMS link. As well as the 2D barcode, it contains a plain text with all the important information about your flight.

The Mobile Boarding Pass is available on all routes from Germany.
In addition, the mobile boarding pass is available for flights from Canada, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Qatar, Brazil and from the United States, as well as from almost all European destinations.

Overview of routes


If you choose the SMS link, you will receive a text message which contains a link. After dialing up the link, you will be guided to a web-page where your personal Mobile Boarding Pass is stored. You can access this at any time before departure.

To use this option you will require a mobile phone with browser functionality.

Should you experience problems with your Mobile Boarding Pass, you can of course collect a traditional boarding pass from a check-in machine or from a Lufthansa counter. The same applies if, for example, your mobile phone battery is flat or you have inadvertently deleted your Mobile Boarding Pass.

Please note that you can only check in at the check-in counter with an Economy Class ticket in exceptional circumstances. Instead, please check in conveniently online, via your mobile phone or at a check-in machine at the airport.

You can also request the Mobile Boarding Pass after online Check-in.

You will find further information about the Mobile Boarding Pass in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).


Quicker boarding - with or without bags

Your Mobile Boarding Pass saves you valuable time: if you are travelling with hand luggage only, you can proceed directly to security and then to your gate. Additional luggage can simply be checked in on your way to your flight at one of the designated Lufthansa baggage drop-off counters.

Baggage drop-off counter

Please show the 2D barcode on your Mobile Boarding Pass so that it can be scanned by a Lufthansa representative. It is important to ensure that the background illumination on your mobile is turned on.

Security control, transfer desk

Please show the information relevant to your flight in plain text so that identification can be carried out.

Boarding with scanner

When boarding, please place the 2D barcode on the scanner.
NB: please ensure that your mobile phone’s background illumination is turned on.


On board the aircraft

It is a legal requirement that mobile phones are switched off as soon as the aircraft begins take-off. Until this time you can find your seat number on your Mobile Boarding Pass.


You can use Lufthansa mobile Check-in for the following flights:

  • Lufthansa or Austrian Airlines, provided they do not depart from Denmark (except for Billund) , Norway, Sweden or Switzerland;
  • Croatia Airlines, SAS or SWISS, provided the departure is from Germany;
  • TAP Portugal, provided the departure is from Germany.

For Economy Class passengers: Lufthansa eFly services replace Check-in counters

For flights in Lufthansa Economy Class Lufthansa eFly services are now available to you in place of the traditional check-in counters. You can therefore check in for your flight and choose a seat conveniently online, on the move or at an airport check-in machine. Our check-in demo shows you just how easy this is: click on the link Check-in demo. You can check in your luggage at the airport directly at the baggage drop-off counter. When using eFly services, please take note of check-in deadlines as these can vary from airport to airport.

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