Flying with babies

  • On Lufthansa long-haul flights special baby cots are available. Please be aware that the number of seats with cots is limited. The bassinets are suitable for babies up to 14 kg and up to 83 cm in length and are provided free of charge. Night flights are especially suitable for journeys with small children because children can then maintain their usual sleep pattern and get some rest.
  • If you are travelling with smaller children, you may take a child restraint system with you.
  • When booking your flight please inform our staff or the travel agent that you will be travelling with a baby
  • Before takeoff and landing, give your child its dummy or its bottle to drink. That will help him or her to better balance the change in air pressure
  • Lufthansa carries baby food on all its flights. But you shouldn't forget your baby's bottle and its favourite food! Water for the bottle is available on board. Our flight attendants will also warm the baby's bottle, and glasses, too. Just ask one of them - they’ll be glad to help you!
  • There are changing tables in the washrooms on board


Flying with small children

  • No special safety measures are necessary for children weighing more than 18 kg - but make sure they are strapped in
  • If you are travelling with children up to the age of about 7, you may take a child restraint system with you.
  • On our long haul flight you can, amongst other things, select funny cartoons and animation programmes for your child from our varied entertainment programme

General advice

Flying is always an experience for children. So that you are ideally prepared for the special needs of children when they travel, we recommend that you take note of our advice on flying with infants and children before you set off. With the right preparation, the journey will be enjoyable for everyone involved. Please also read our relevant advice on this subject under Travel preparation for children.

  • We offer you the opportunity of taking your baby's push chair right up to the aircraft door. Our flight attendants will then take it from you and hand it back to you immediately after landing
  • With Lufthansa, families with children are among the first passengers to board the aircraft. Our flight attendants are happy to help you find your seats, stow your baggage and assist with fastening children's seatbelts
  • If your child has a cold give him or her nose drops to help balancing the change in air pressure. The best time is half an hour before takeoff and after landing
  • Pack nibbles for the flight. We always have tasty titbits aboard for our small passengers, but nothing can replace a child's favourite candy bar or snack! They comfort children with a feeling of familiarity amid a new environment
  • The different climatic conditions aboard and at your destination can best be balanced by the so-called 'onion look'. That means dressing your child in layers of clothing that can be removed or put back on according to need
  • Please don't forget thick socks. Because your child's feet might swell at a high altitude we recommend that you remove his or her shoes on board
  • Keep your child occupied during the flight. Pack suitable toys into your hand luggage. We also have small toys on board to help children pass the time


Games on board

We have put together some ideas for games in a pdf that you can print out and take along on your flight

Ideas for games on board


Amenity Kits for children

In First and Business Class on long-haul flights from Germany a new JetFriends Amenity Kit awaits our young passengers. With this the time will just fly by. In it our little travellers will find all kinds of items specially adapted for them, such as a child’s toothbrush, ear plugs, ABS non-slip socks and toys.