Lufthansa Terminal at Munich Airport

Look forward to a terminal that we have designed to perfectly suit your needs. When Lufthansa and Munich airport were planning the terminal one thing had priority: your comfort and convenience. Depart completely relaxed, arrive well and transfer without complications. See for yourself how comfortable the Lufthansa terminal at Munich airport is:


Services at the Lufthansa Terminal at Munich Airport

Take off faster
Through the fast check-in at our Check-in machines and the numerous security check points you will reach your departure gate in no time at all.

Centrally located passport controls speed up your departure. It is even faster at selected Check-in machines: Here you can register your passport data yourself .

Arrive better
In the Lufthansa Terminal you can enjoy short distances between the aircrafts and the baggage collection. Neither you nor your baggage will take long.

Transfer conveniently
The presence of Lufthansa and the other Star Alliance members under one roof ensures a closely-knit network of optimized connections.

The ideal service for passengers with limited mobility
We have set up a special counter for you that has been designed to meet your needs. Naturally you will also find appropriate facilities throughout the terminal, such as, for example, disabled toilets and accessible telephones and fax machines.

Shop and enjoy
Make use of the many shops, services and restaurant in the whole terminal. A detailed overview of all offers you can find in the map of the terminal (see above).


Visitor platform
The so-called Sky Walk is something even non-flyers can enjoy: A glass corridor with which you can "float" through the Lufthansa terminal.

The entrance to the Sky Walk is on level 6 in the public area. It is the direct connection to the visitor platform. This gets you really close to the starting and landing aircrafts.

Further information about Munich Airport
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