Simply faster – get ready for your trip and relax with HomeTag

Starting right now, you will be perfectly prepared for your trip. On selected routes, you can even prepare your luggage for the trip at home.

Here’s how the HomeTag works

Instead of attaching a luggage tag to your luggage only once you are at the airport to register it, you can take care of this already at home for selected flight routes. The HomeTag is being offered on many routes. If the option to select HomeTags is available for your trip, you will see it appear automatically when you check in online.

Just print the HomeTag, attach it to your luggage and save time when you check your luggage. The HomeTag contains exactly the information that airports need to transport your luggage to your destination: your flight route, your name, special transport conditions and, above all, the luggage number, which is also visibly printed as a bar code. That’s how baggage handling systems at the airport recognise your luggage.

Please note that the tag should be printed in colour for departures within the EU – according to the applicable legal requirements.

The benefits of the HomeTag

No more long lines to check your luggage, and the HomeTag makes dropping off at the self bag drop machines especially fast. Just place your luggage on the conveyor belt and wait until your flight information comes up on the display. All you need to do is confirm the process and take your printed receipt. This eliminates the otherwise necessary step of verifying your identity with your boarding pass.

Here’s how to prepare your luggage with the HomeTag

  1. Check in online at
  2. Select your seat for your flight.
  3. Enter the number of pieces of luggage – for your return flight, too, if you like. (This option is available for previously released routes for which the HomeTag is available.)
  4. Print your desired travel documents (boarding pass or passenger receipt) as well as the HomeTag for your luggage.
  5. Attach the HomeTag to your luggage with a holder. The holders are issued at the Lufthansa baggage checking counters. And you’re finished!

The benefits of the HomeTag

Use the HomeTag for your return flight, too! When you check in for your flight online and print the HomeTag at home, you will have the option to do so for your return flight, too. You will recognise this second HomeTag by the phrase "For your return flight".