Travel preparation checklist

With the aid of the following checklist you can see quickly and easily whether you have completed all the essential preparations for your flight.

  • When booking my flight I let Lufthansa or my travel agency know about my reduced mobility and told them of my special requirements. These include: a special diet and the use of special facilities and services (e.g. wheelchair collection, taking a guide dog on board, etc.).
  • I have booked my flight no later than two days before the start of my journey and specified whether I am travelling with my own wheelchair. If so, I have given details of its dimensions and weight.
  • I have seen to all the formalities for the return flight from my destination in good time.
  • When buying my ticket I asked about the service for reduced mobility passengers at my departure and destination airports.
  • If I haven’t notified the airline about my wheelchair in advance, I will arrive at the airport in plenty of time (at least 90 minutes before departure in Germany).
  • Because my reduced mobility is due to current medical reasons I have obtained a medical care form.
  • I have notified Lufthansa at least 48 hours in advance of my flight that I will require special assistance.
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